What is an IPL Photofacial?

Intense-pulsed light (IPL) treatments, also known as photofacials, can lessen brown spots, reduce visible capillaries, and calm rosacea. They also help reduce acne outbreaks and tighten pores. For best results, aestheticians recommend a series of three to five treatments at three week intervals.

The object of the IPL photofacial is to even out skin tone and improve overall appearance. The light pulls pigmentation caused by sun damage to the skin’s surface. After a treatment, these “chocolate chips” usually take five to seven days to slough off. But, by the second day, you can wear mineral makeup to cover any temporary discoloration. In other words, there is no real “down time.”

An IPL photofacial should be performed by a licensed aesthetician with the supervision of a physician or by the doctor herself. Most people choose to apply numbing cream for at least 20 minutes to lessen any discomfort. The feeling of the light pulse is similar to a rubber band snap. So, it is not relaxing per se, but most do not consider it painful. The IPL treatment for the face only takes about 15 minutes. And it is worth the results!

We recommend a series of three to five IPL treatments—one every three weeks or so– for the optimal effect. But you can always try one or two on a pay-as-you-go basis and see how you like it. We offer IPL treatments at Rhoad to Beauty for $99 dollars per area. An area is about the size of a woman’s hands placed together. For example, the face is considered one area. The neck is an area, the chest is an area, and so on.

General rules of thumb before and after a photofacial include avoiding direct sun exposure and wearing a high SPF mineral sunscreen. Prevent, treat, and protect your skin from sun damage to keep it looking young and beautiful.

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