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The Revolutionary EuroThread Lift

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For a natural-looking lift, consider EuroThreads! 

EuroThreads are minimally-invasive. Threads are injected with a cannula. There are no incisions.  These FDA-approved threads are thin, flexible and absorbable sutures that dissolve in approximately two years. There are different types of Eurothreads: twisted, barbed, and smooth.

EuroThreads lift and tighten skin on the face, brow, and neck. Treatments to lift skin may call for textured or twisted threads. The results are natural-looking and long-lasting.

To fill and smooth wrinkles around the mouth and chin areas, smooth threads can be used. These may also be inserted as a mesh (see picture) to add volume to the face. Results improve over time as collage builds in a natural process

There is no down time! As there may be some bruising, we recommend taking the usual preemptive and post-treatment measures to minimize any bruising effect: avoid taking ibuprofen, fish oils and/or other supplements that may contribute to bruising. Arnica (topical cream and tablets) and bromelain (tablets) are natural supplement help minimize and dissipate bruising. If any, bruising should dissipate in about seven days.

The ability to treat gradually is another advantage to EuroThreads. Unlike surgery, you don’t have to do everything at one time. For example, your first concern might be sagging in the cheeks. You might choose to treat that area first and see how you like the results. And, at later time, you may decide you’d like to add some threads around the mouth and chin to smooth the skin in that area. It’s up to you!

97% of patients treated see immediate results!

Would you like to find out what EuroThreads can do for you?

Consultations are complimentary. Tell Dr. Rhoad about your areas of concern and the results you would like to see. And she will go over all your options with you.

To request your consultation today, please use our Contact Us form (on this website), send email to [email protected], or call our office at (512) 476-9149.