Neck lift surgery allows patients to achieve a slimmer, more youthful appearance through careful work done, for the most part, under the skin. The process may involve the removal of excess skin, liposuction of fat deposits, or even restructuring of the neck muscles, depending on the patient’s goals. The entire neck lift procedure usually requires only one office visit, however, and is relatively painless. Preparation is easy and in general involves little more than taking good care of one’s body.

How to Prepare for Surgery
The first thing you should do to prepare for neck lift surgery is talk to your doctor; inform her about any preexisting medical conditions and any medication you are taking, and follow any pre-operation directions you are given. You will probably be advised to stop smoking a few weeks before the surgery to speed up the post-operative healing process. In addition, many patients wear button-down shirts on the day of their neck lift procedure, as well as in the days following. This is so you don’t have to pull a shirt over your head, which could disturb the bandages. Finally, most people are advised to eat healthily, because the body will need nutrients to heal.

Neck Lift Surgery
The neck lift procedure starts with a dose of anesthesia, either local or general, depending on the preferences of the doctor and patient. The doctor then usually makes small incisions behind the ears and underneath the patient’s chin, through which most of the surgery will be done. Reshaping the neck is a complicated process, and the surgeon will likely use a variety of methods to achieve the best possible result. The complexity of neck lift surgery means that it should only be trusted to an experienced, knowledgeable doctor.

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